Andreas Christensen declined the FA Cup final despite not being injured

Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen declined selection for Chelsea’s FA Cup final loss to Liverpool. Dane is at ease to make a free move to Barcelona at the end of the season. Christensen’s availability for Chelsea’s last two matches is now questionable.

Even though the defender was not injured, Andreas Christensen declined to play in the FA Cup final for Chelsea.

Andreas Christensen was not in the match squad for Saturday’s 6-5 loss to Liverpool on penalties.

Despite suffering a knee injury, Thiago Silva played during the grueling Wembley match, with Malang Sarr and Cesar Azpilicueta serving as the Blues’ defensive alternatives.

Christensen is reputedly to be close to completing a free transfer move to Barcelona after the current season, ending a decade at Stamford Bridge.

The 26-year-old has dealt with several minor injuries and illnesses in recent weeks, but his withdrawal from Saturday’s crucial match left the Blues short-handed.

Christensen’s availability is currently uncertain as Chelsea attempts to secure them. A third-place Premier League finish against Leicester on Thursday and Watford on Sunday.

The Chelsea defender with 54 caps still has the opportunity to conclude his career. But his absence on Saturday was unexpected given his lack of injury.

Todd Boehly is poised to complete his £4.25 billion buyouts of Chelsea. While the summer should see a lot of new playing signings at Stamford Bridge. Manager Thomas Tuchel acknowledged that a significant gap still exists between Chelsea and second-place Liverpool.

Antonio Rudiger will join Real Madrid following Christensen’s imminent transfer to Barcelona.

When asked if Chelsea might surpass Liverpool in a single summer transfer window, Tuchel responded: “I must admit that it’s possibly tricky, if I may.

“They are enhancing their roster during each transfer window.

“It appears like we are losing crucial guys. We are losing, Toni; we are losing Andreas. Thus, this is difficult, and we already have a deficit to close.”

However, when asked if incoming Chelsea owner Boehly shares his own goals for the Blues, Tuchel responded: “Yes.” “I don’t believe he is eager to abandon the club’s aspirations, given that he is wealthy.

“That would be a huge surprise, so no, I don’t have any doubts about this.

“In the coming weeks, we will express our opinion in greater detail. Also, I am confident that he shares our desire to produce a competitive Chelsea team for the highest level.”

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