At OKBET, we will walk you through a straightforward registration procedure. It may facilitate the creation of your betting account. After completing this direct registration, placing a wager might save you time and effort. To create an OKBET account, you must visit the OKBET website ( Click the sign-up button on the OKBET website’s right side (the yellow one).

After clicking, a sign-up form may display on your screen with the following fields:

Account Referral Code for OKBET

When someone invites you to make an account with OKBET, they will provide you with a referral code. In addition, you may recommend others and email them bonus codes to win an OKBET bonus.

Account Username for OKBET

You must choose a unique username to be approved by the website (if the username has been taken, it will appear on the screen).

Account Password for OKBET

When choosing a password, you must mix tiny and large capital letters with a unique character and a number. Use a secure and unique password for your account’s security.

Verification of your Password

Enter the selected password again to confirm that the two match.

Withdraw Pin

Input your withdrawal PIN. If you gamble and win, you may withdraw your winnings as quickly as possible. Remember your OKBET withdrawal PIN!

The telephone number

Provide your active cellphone number to get account alerts and changes. This is also significant since your One-Time Password (OTP) will be emailed to this address whenever you transact with OKBET.

Validation Code (OTP)

After inputting your active mobile phone number, you will get a verification code by text message.

After receiving an SMS verification code, type it into the box and click “sign up.” You may now access your OKBET account on the right of the OKBET homepage. (Login blue button)

Congratulations, you are now a member of OKBET. Play now, bet more, and win immediately.

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The OKBET Account Secure Deposit Method

OKBET can assist you in funding your account with deposits. How can I deposit OKBET? Examine the following procedures:

Check out the OKBET website (

Direct your attention to the login button (blue)

Enter your username and password, then click the Login button.

You’ll be sent to the OKBET home page after completing these steps. Go to the top right of the OKBET website and click deposit (yellow).

After clicking the deposit button, the following information will show on your screen:

Transfer and Recharge Record

The transfer has been utilized for funding your OKBET account. While the Recharge record was used to evaluate your deposited transactions, it is no longer in use.


Once you choose one and click, you will be presented with a list of banks and e-wallets. Additionally, a Bank/E-wallets card may display.


China Bank Name: OKBET Account: 1111111111 Philippines Address:

Gcash (E-wallet)


Account number: 222222222 Location: Philippines

Copy the Name and Account number, then paste them into the corresponding fields.

Additional Information:

Enter the amount you wish to add to your account.

Copy the Account name on the Bank/E-wallet card, or type your verified name.

Please enter your bank card number or copy and paste it from your bank card.

Time of deposit: Enter the date and time or use the calendar on the right to pick the day of your deposit.

Existing balance: Your current balance will be automatically presented in this area. Also, it will indicate if you have remaining or have deposited funds.

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